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Terms of Service 

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I am agreeing to the below terms and conditions:


  • If a photo session is canceled or rescheduled less than four hours before the scheduled time, there will be a cancellation fee of $75.


  • We do work in light rain! However, it is the Realtor's responsibility to check the weather before booking the session.​ We will show up to the session in the rain. If it is still raining by the time we finish photographing the inside of the home, we will wait an additional 15 minutes. If we are still unable to photograph the outside, we will need to come back out. The charge for that is $75.

  • We have the right to cancel if the weather becomes dangerous to travel in.

  •  Here at GREY MEDIA, we will always use our artistic discretion and experience to shoot and deliver to you the best possible angles of a property. However, It is the Realtor's responsibility to notify GREY MEDIA before or during photo shoot if there are any special features or angles that the Realtor/owner wants. GREY MEDIA is not responsible for any "missed" angles if we were not informed during or ahead of the photo shoot.

  • It is not part of our workflow at GREY MEDIA to capture small closets since these are not a selling point. It is the Realtor's responsibility to request ahead of time if they want photos of the small closets.


  • It is the expectation that the home and property be prepared according to this list HERE. If when the photographer shows up and the property/house is not properly prepared, you will be given the option to have the home shot as is, or the photo shoot will need to be rescheduled and a $75 rescheduling fee will be incurred. If we are unable to reach you via phone or text within 10 minutes of arrival, we will proceed with the photo-shoot as-is.


  •  GREY MEDIA retains full copyright and intellectual property rights to all Images delivered to Client. This licensing agreement grants Client, upon receipt of full payment, the non-transferable, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license to use Images for the purpose of marketing and advertising a home or commercial property for sale in conjunction with an MLS service, and their own personal business while the listing is still on the market. This agreement ends when the listing involved ceases to be for sale on the market, unless otherwise noted by GREY MEDIA or Photographer in writing. This includes public online display on client’s website, use in web advertisements, social media, and for the distribution and syndication via MLS in accordance with all current local MLS policies and policies located in the MLS Handbook. Unauthorized use of Images by third parties will be deemed as a breach of this agreement and includes but is not limited to the transmitting, broadcasting, selling, licensing, printing, distributing, and exploiting of Images furnished to Client by Photographer, for any gain, financial or otherwise. If Client is approached by a third party such as an architect, builder, stager, seller, or buyer, etc. about the usage of Images, Client will refer said inquirer back to GREY MEDIA, the full copyright owner. Upon the sale of the property or expired listing, client is instructed to destroy or return said images as agreement has ended.

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